How to Sell Your House in Tampa Bay

Want to sell your house in Tampa Bay.. but not sure how much it’s going to cost you?

Well, you’re not alone. 

We’ve worked with lots of homeowners in Tampa Bay who wanted to determine how much it’d cost to sell their house. 

Because obviously… you want to make as much money as possible. 

So here are some costs that you should know about…

Agent Commissions — If you go the traditional route, then your real estate agent is probably going to take around 6% of the total sale of your home. In other words, on a home sale of $150,000, you’d pay $9,000. 

Closing Costs — Closing costs involve taxes and other miscellaneous fees. You’ll have to pay this in order to sell your home. Usually, closing costs are usually about 2-5% of the final sales price. On a sale of $150,000, that would be anywhere from $3,000 to $7,500.  

Repairs & Updates — Buyers today expect homes to be in tip-top shape with updated appliances and floors. The cost of those repairs and updates will depend on the current condition of your house, but it doesn’t take much to get to the $10,000 marker. 

Holding Costs — The longer it takes to sell your home, the more you’ll pay on your home. Costs like homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, and utility bills can make waiting for the sale of your home financially difficult. 

Or Sell Your House in 2 Weeks! — Fortunately, you have another option. At Hammock, you can sell your house in as little as 2 weeks if you want. We’ll make you a fair cash offer and buy your property as-is. We even pay closing costs!  This is a great option if you have a lot of equity and want to avoid high costs when selling your home. Give us a call at (813)324-3131 to learn more!

Choose Hammock so you can relax while we do the work.

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