About Hammock Properties

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Hammock Properties was started to help homeowners who don’t want the hassle of selling their house the traditional way. My goal is to find win-win solutions even if that solution is for the homeowner to pursue a different plan. Just like a relaxing afternoon in a hammock, we want anyone that works with us to be able to relax – whether you’re selling to us or whether you’re renting a home from us. We’ve been providing great rental homes to fellow neighbors since 2014.


My husband & I both grew up in Nebraska. I grew up as a pastor’s kid, and my husband was a military kid. We actually knew each other in high school but didn’t start dating until college. We moved to Tampa to escape the winters a few years after we got married. We’ve been here over a decade; and now, all of our kids are true Floridians. We love it here in Tampa Bay.

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