How Much Does it Cost to Manage a Property in Riverview?

When you invest in real estate, you’re building wealth and a future of truly passive income, allowing you to live out your golden years enjoying the activities you wish on your terms. However, purchasing the best deal in Riverview doesn’t guarantee continued success with the property. The calculations for your returns on the investment, or … Continued

How to Sell Your House Without Any Costs or Repairs in Riverview

You’ve decided to sell your house! How exciting! You may have already started spending the profits in your imagination. Until the reality of the costs and work involved in the traditional process begins to settle in on you. Selling on your own is another option; however, the mountains of paperwork, important deadlines, professionals to hire … Continued

How to Sell a House With Tenants in Riverview

An exit strategy should be a part of every investment, with the sale of the property planned out ahead of time. Of course, savvy real estate investors understand they must keep a steady eye on the market and their holdings and, when called to make adjustments, which may leave a landlord holding a rental property … Continued

How to Get Rid of Bad Tenants in Tampa Bay

Got bad tenants?  Rentals in Tampa Bay can be a great source of income. But, oh … the headaches and BILLS that can come from bad tenants can destroy that. They can destroy your asset. If they stop paying their rent, it may be difficult to pay the mortgage. The best option is to try … Continued

How Much Rent to Charge in Tampa Bay

Not sure how much to charge for a rental property?  The number chosen is an important one — it’ll determine how easy it is to find tenants and keep tenants.  The price needs to be competitive.  It also needs to cover all of the costs associated with the property.  At Hammock Properties, we’ve been renting … Continued

How Do You Calculator Your Offer?

At Hammock, we are real estate investors that buy homes in and around Tampa Bay.  More specifically, we can buy YOUR HOME as-is for a fair price.  BUT…  One of the most common questions we get from home sellers like yourself is… “How do I know your offer is actually fair?” That’s a fair question.  … Continued

You CAN Choose Your Closing Date with Hammock!

Need to hit a very specific closing date on the sale of your home around Riverview, FL?  Lots of people end up having to eat double mortgage payments while they waited for their property to sell in the old neighborhood after moving…  … or people who’ve sold their home too quickly and had to stay … Continued