How to Downsize Your House

Own a bigger property than you need? Struggling to keep up with the maintenance? 

A smaller home does make lots of things easier.  Cleaning and maintenance can be easier in a smaller home.  But is it worth it to downsize?

We totally understand. 

At Hammock, we help homeowners in Tampa Bay sell their properties fast for cash, which removes the hassle of finding a real estate agent, listing on the MLS, and just HOPING that someone will buy. 

You can call us at (813)324-3131 if you want to learn more.

Either way, here are some important steps for getting ready to downsize…

1. Have a Garage Sale — Why not make some money from all that extra stuff you have to get rid of anyway? You don’t necessarily have to move everything out to your garage either. You could just allow people to walk through your home and make offers on whatever they like. 

2. Consider How Much Space You’ll Have — You’re going to have less space when you downsize, which means you’re going to get the need of enough stuff so that your new home isn’t crowded. Think in terms of how many rooms you’ll have to determine what you should keep and what you should get rid of. 

3. Invite Family To Help — If you have family members or friends that are willing to help you sell or move your stuff, definitely reach out to them. That will make downsizing much easier and more enjoyable. 

Selling your house can be the easy part.  We let sellers leave things behind as well.  So, if you just can’t get everything moved or given away, leave it!  We’ll take care of it.  Because when you choose Hammock, you get to relax while WE do the work.

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