Want to Sell Your Home Faster?

Want to sell your home faster? As it is, the average time to sell on the MLS is right around 90 days, according to Zillow. And while many people, for various reasons, need to sell faster than that — maybe they need to move because of work or family changes, for instance — doing so … Continued

Out-of-State Florida Property Owners

OUT-OF-STATE HOMEOWNERS: Are you considering selling a property that you haven’t seen for a while? Maybe you’re not even sure what needs to be done to the house before you can sell it. It’s hard enough to sell a fixer-upper when you’re in the same city or state… it’s even more challenging when you’re living … Continued

Tired of Being a Landlord?

Being a landlord isn’t always everything it’s cracked up to be… It seemed like such a good idea at first — you’d own one additional property, manage tenants, and make some extra cash every month. Why not? But then it became EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to find trustworthy tenants… repairs got out of hand… and let’s not … Continued

Want to Sell a House with a Tenant?

Want to sell a house that has a tenant in it? Are you, as the owner of the property, even allowed to do that? What do you need to know? Well, at Hammock, we help lots of different people in the Tampa, FL area sell their homes — even people who have tenants in their … Continued